Scottish Piping Society of London

“I was delighted with the performance of this app at the SPSL’s 2011 London Competition.” Hugh Jamieson (President)

Image iBratach

The Scottish Piping Society of London was established in 1932 to promote the playing of the Great Highland Bagpipe in the London region. They run one of the World’s top bagpipe competitions – “The London Competition” – which includes the prestigious Bratach Gorm (Blue Banner). The London Competition is one of the busiest days of solo piping, with over 100 competitors taking part in 16 contests, taking place over 7 locations.

From a spectator’s perspective, it is not easy to plan your time with so much going on. It is very difficult to estimate who will be playing at what time.

“We have had several requests over the years, concerning difficulties in following who-was-on-where, from a spectators point-of-view but had been unable to come up with a practical solution until Aim Your Technology demonstrated their app to us and we embraced its potential,” said Hugh Jamieson, SPSL President.

We suggested that a custom mobile application would help to tackle this problem. By presenting various views on who would be playing and at what time, it proved to be a perfect solution and of benefit to competitors and spectators alike.

In addition to making the app available to iPhone and iPad users via the App Store, we provided technical support by updating the data used in the app throughout the day. 

“I see this app and its subsequent incarnations and developments, playing an important part in the running of London Competitions for the foreseeable future,” said Jamieson.